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In the news | Dans les médias (16-31 MARCH/MARS 2011)

Many thanks to friends, colleagues and tweeters for their fabulous news links and as ever, to the invaluable news round up from the Women's Funding Network and to Andrea, Janine and Karine for their amazing French news links.

Merci à toutes nos amies, consoeurs et tweeters pour leurs supers liens et nouvelles fabuleuses - notamment à Andrea, Janine et Karine pour leurs nouvelles en français.


Printed Minority: Young Women and the Web (Madeline Coleman & Andrea Zoellner, The Link)

Girls' Blog Takes Action on the Issues (Lois Legge, The Chronicle Herald)
ACTIVISM-[SL]ACTIVISM: An Essay by Erika Jahn (Gayle Sulik)

Carnaval de blogues - (Institut du Nouveau Monde)
FemmeToxic celebrates the 100th International Women's Day and the National Day of Action (Erika Jahn, Femme Toxic)

Kickaction's Blogging Carnaval is back (Shameless Magazine)
Kickaction’s Blogging Carnival (Third Wave Radio)
The Trouble With Choosing Your Choice (Meghan Murphy, The F Word: Feminist Media Collective)
Author takes a cold view of the 'Britney effect' (Sam D'Amato, Metro)

Teen pregnancy matters: Lives are likely to be ‘poorer’ in every way for young mothers (Linda Taylor, Winnipeg Free Press)

Libya: Libyan woman is brutally silenced after accusing Gaddafi's forces of rape: Journalists try to intervene as Benghazi woman fleeing sexual assault is taken away by government officials (Ian Black, The Guardian)

Libya: Rape and Bravery in the Libyan War - Eman al-Obeidy (Emilie Branch, Bust)

Libya: Gadhafi's Revolutionary Nuns: An All-Female Team of Bodyguards Protects the Libyan Leader (Julie, Bust)

Zimbabwe: Fears for Next Generation of Women Leaders (Ignatius Banda, IPS)

Germany: Top 30 firms to promote women (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Haiti: Women Turn Spotlight on Haiti's Silent Rape Epidemic (Cléo Fatoorehchi, IPS)

Iceland: Women end 'age of testosterone': The government of Iceland is to be led by a cabinet dominated by women after an 'age of testosterone' ends (Daily Telegraph)

Egypt: “Virginity Tests” Forced On Egyptian Women Protesters (Amelia Thomson-Deveaux, Ms. Blog)

Handicapés: dans les foyers, des rapports sexuels interdits mais tolérés (Julie Charpentrat, AFP)

Manifestation étudiante: une femme bousculée par un policier (Hugo Meunier, La Presse)

"Un pied de nez aux femmes" : Le Conseil consultatif sur la condition de la femme victime à son tour de l’idéologie conservatrice (Michelline Carrier, Sisyphe)

N.B. women protest cutbacks (CBC News)

Scenes from SlutWalk: A photo gallery of sluts, signs, and supporters (Zach Slootsky, Toronto Now)

‘Sluts’ march against sexual assault stereotypes

What to wear for SlutWalk (Heather Mallick, Toronto Star)

Women walk the talk after officer's offending ‘slut’ remarks (Greg McArthur, Globe & Mail)

Law students organize walk to protest sexual violence (Times Colonist)

Women take case against Wal-Mart to highest court (Joan Biskupic, USA Today)

B.C. First Nations celebrate self-government (CTV)

Meet the Youth Nation panel (Toronto Star)

Tory legacy leaves little to attract women voters (Antonia Zerbisias, Toronto Star)
Why Play the White Man's Game? (Taiaiake Alfred)

More women running this election – but many in hopeless races (Anna Mehler Paperny and Les Perreaux, Globe and Mail)

New rules of engagement proposed for marriages involving immigrants (Jim Bronskill, Winnipeg Free Press)

Majority won’t spur change on abortion or same-sex marriage, Harper says (Steven Chase, Globe & Mail)

Yale University Under Investigation for 'Hostile Sexual Environment' (Emily Friedman, ABC News)

Taking the Gender Fight Worldwide (Katrin Bennhold, New York Times)

Les films pornos n'influencent pas la sexualité des Français, selon un sondage (20 Minutes)

Experts discuss Aboriginal women and the politics of prostitution at UBC (Press release)

Leave Sex Workers in Education Alone (Amanda Marcotte, Slate)

Porn made for women, by women: Independent female directors are making pornographic films aimed at women. Catalina May finds out what makes them so different (The Guardian)

The classroom takes on the bedroom: Community groups create new strategies for sex education in Quebec (Lisa Routly, McGill Daily)

Sex at School: Sex education in Quebec (Charly Feldman, The Dominion)

Quebec: Canada’s erogenous zone (Andrew Chung, Toronto Star)

Violence conjugale: 2009 a été une année record au Québec (Éric Thibault,

Jody Paterson: Sex assault still somehow women's fault (Jody Paterson, Times Colonist)

Banging Chicks: The Language of Violence and Sexuality (Abigail Collazo, Fem 2.0)

La santé mentale serait mal gérée (Jonathan Naegele, Métro)

Problèmes criants de santé mentale et de consommation : les refuges pour femmes sans-abri ont une difficulté grandissante à gérer les problèmes de santé mentale et de consommation de ces dernières (

Women: Stop Calling Yourselves 'Controlling' (Tara Sophia Mohr, Huffington Post)

Lung cancer deaths fall for women (Rob Stein, Wasthington Post)

Health care is nothing to joke about (Adrienne Silnicki,

April is STD Awareness Month (Antigua Observer)

Vancouver social marketer touts sexy messages and grassroots involvement: Argues fear-based campaigns don't work as sexually transmitted infections on the rise (Cheryl Rossi, Vancouver Courier)

Power Givers: Philanthropic Women Helping Women (FInancial Planning)

Job gap narrows for mothers, ONS figures show (BBC News)

The Power of Investing in Women: Women-led philanthropic organizations are finding effective ways of investing in the world's female population (Betsy Brill, Forbes)

Overcoming the cupcake challenge and ‘Mompreneur’ stigma (Meghan Casserly, Forbes)

Women work to gain larger foothold in tech industry (Anna Gonzalez, CNN)

Le Musée de la Femme reçoit 25 000$ de Longueuil (Gabrielle Lachance, Rive Sud Express)$-de-Longueuil/1

Cloud Girlfriends teach you how to fake it (Eric Mack, C-Net)

Why Women Rule The Internet (Aileen Lee, TechCrunch)

Facebook Kicks Out 20,000 Underage Users Daily (Sudeep Naik, UTV Techtree)

Little Red Riding Hood Makes Twilight Look Like a Masterpiece (Natalie Wilson, M. Blog)

Older women unhappy over their portrayal in films, survey shows: Sixty-one percent of women aged 50-75 want more focus on their sexual desire, according to UK Film Council poll (Ian J Griffiths, The Guardian)

Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That? Women of a liberated generation wrestle with their eager-to-grow-up daughters—and their own pasts

Flab happens, even to feminists (Judith Timson, Globe & Mail)

Le Conseil du statut de la femme réclame la laïcité totale de l'État (Louise Leduc, La Presse)

Decision to drop women’s hockey gives SMU a black eye (Gail Lethbridge, Chronicle Herald)

Size Matters: Discrimination Weighs More Heavily on Women (Cathy Vandewater, CNBC)

For Female Surfers, Challenges Out of the Water (Zach Weisberg, New York Times)

Tories see majority in gaining women’s vote (John Ibbitson and Joe Friesen, Globe & Mail)

Women, gay and black people still shown as stereotypes in film, says study: Older females portrayed as sexless while homosexuals and ethnic minorities also suffer, says extensive survey of opinion (Amelia Hill, The Guardian)
Unique business panel to explore sexuality discrimination (Nick Martin, Winnipeg Free Press)

Female professors at MIT see progress, new challenges (JOS, Feministing)

Gains, and Drawbacks, for Female Professors (Kate Zernike, New York Times)

Where are the women? Media conference asks why women are still scarce in the industry (Zoë Druik, Art & Threat)

Love her or hate her, Palin changed feminism (Love her or hate her, Palin changed feminism (Barbara Kay, National Post)

Feminism has not yet accomplished its goals: We cannot allow everyday misogyny to go unchecked (Flora Dunster, McGill Daily)

Bible and feminism explored (Langley Times)

Feminism is the real 'f-bomb' that horrifies the world's men (Catherine Ford, Times & Transcript)

New approach (Alle Suske, Calgary Herald)
(A Grade 12 student's response to:

The patriarchy of feminism: First-world women’s move into the centre has come with a price (Shaina Agbayani, McGill Daily)