Young Women’s Leadership in Rural Development

What is Young Women’s Leadership in Rural Development?

Young women in rural communities often face issues such as violence, drug and alcohol abuse, racism, limited access to services, resources, and lack of opportunities. Girls Action believes young women have the potential to be the changemakers in their communities. When given access to tools and resources, young women change their communities and the world! 

The Young Women’s Leadership in Rural Development project aims to improve the skills of young women to make their communities more livable and sustainable, as well as equip communities to increase opportunities for rural young women’s advancement.


  • To exchange knowledge and effective strategies among rural organizations from diverse communities on how to keep young women involved and support their leadership development
  • To develop and distribute tools that will help rural decision makers and organizations increase young women’s contribution to community development
  • To support young women’s local action projects that address the most important issues in rural communities
  • To increase collaboration and partnerships among regional and national organizations geared to rural youth


A Compilation of Research on Rural Girl's and Young Women's Issues

The Rural Community Action Guide

For more information please contact Janine at or call 1-888-948-1112

This project was made possible in part by the support of Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada.