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The 2015 National Day of Action Community Actions

For the 11th consecutive year, girls and young women steer away from typical Valentine’s Day activities, and are invited to create action-oriented projects that raise awareness about issues important to them and their communities.

Actions are taking place across the country! Check out what's happening in your area!

More details on the actions:


Intercultural Heritage Association, Moncton, NB

The Heart of the Matter

With mentoring support from members of the Women’s Group of the Intercultural Heritage Association, a team of girls and young women in Moncton’s African immigrant community would like to use the opportunity presented by the traditional Valentine’s Day celebration to host an artists’ exhibition on issues deemed to be the heart of the matter for immigrant women.  The organizers would like the focus of the day to be inspired by Ubuntu, which is an African philosophy that puts the love of humanity at the centre of each person’s existence. Going by Ubuntu, each person defines her/his wellbeing through that of others, as expressed in the statement: “I am because we are”. Working with the women from the Intercultural Heritage Association, the following were identified as examples of key issues for immigrant women’s life experience in Canada, and they are among the subjects around which contributors will be preparing materials for the exhibition, to be titled “The Heart of the Matter”:

1.            Violence in public and private space for immigrant women

2.            Immigrant families’ memories of the past and dreams for the future

3.            Life between places and impact on immigrant women and girls

All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA), Halifax, NS

The title for the Action is:  "Celebrating Sierra Leone Women's History in Canada:  The Freetown and Nova Scotia Connection. As part of National Day of Action and in collaboration with African Diaspora Association Of The Maritimes (ADAMS),  YouthScape, and the Krio Descendent Union in Canada (KDU Canada),  AWEDA will organize a one day gathering on February 14, 2014. This gathering will bring racialized girls/young Sierra Leonean women together to share their personal stories of being racialized in the social, cultural, political and economic spheres in Nova Scotia which has led to their sense of ‘oneness’ and lack of belonging. On a positive level, this gathering will also be an opportunity to share the historic connection between Freetown and Nova Scotia through discussions, traditions, songs, cultural displays, food, and activities. The feedback from this action will be used to contribute to developing an anthology to meet the needs of the association.

Northern AIDS Connection Society, Truro, NS

The action will consist of a one day event to promote self-esteem and self-confidence among a group of 15 female varsity athletes at the local high school. The day will begin with a class at the local business “Clay Café” where the girls will each paint a 4’ tile. When all the tiles are placed together they will create a beautiful mural that will be placed inside the girl’s locker room at the school. This mural will have an uplifting and inspirational quote so that each day, every girl that walks into the locker room will read the quote and feel inspired to be all that they can be!

After painting their tiles, the girls will have dinner together at a local restaurant. During dinner, we will have a guest speaker that will inspire the girls to raise their level of self-esteem and self-confidence. After the speaker, we will ask each girl to have a few sentences prepared that they might read to the group on how they plan on raising their own self-confidence. Through listening, the girls will be able to help each other and create a support system.

Our aim is to not only effect change in the lives of the girls within this group, but that the message effect change with every person who walks in that locker room for years to come! The school has 1800 students and every student must complete a physically active type course to graduate, therefore each female student will have exposure to this mural throughout their high school career. As well, the high school gym is used for various organizations of adult recreation sporting events, therefore the exposure will be greater than just students at the school – it will reach a greater audience in the community!

YWCA Halifax, Halifax, NS

The YWCA Halifax’s Youth Advisory Council, a group of twelve young women aged 16-30 who engage in community actions to promote awareness about issues that face women and girls in Halifax, has decided to create a three episode podcast series to address the anti-choice climate in Eastern Canada.  We would like to respond to anti-choice protesters who invade our cities with graphic representations of miscarried fetus’ and spread false information about abortion, block entrances to our hospitals, shame women accessing services and deceive women through advertisements claiming supportive care.  We would like to respond to the politicians and policy makers who continue to ignore scientific evidence and pull back services that are safe and that we have the right to. We would like to respond to a culture that de-values women’s choices, and let everyone know that we are fighting back.

Our podcast series will aim to re-frame the discussion, moving to a framework of reproductive justice rather than simply “pro-choice” vs. “anti-choice.”  We want to push the discussion to a place that is more inclusive and allows us to deconstruct the social conditions that limit access to abortion, contraception, comprehensive sex education and women’s health on a broader level.  We hope to raise awareness in our city on the reproductive justice framework, which was theorized by women of colour, and speak to women and trans advocates and activists in the community who are working towards reproductive justice in our city and country.

Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Association, Antigonish, NS

Young women at the local high school will organize and present a lunchtime symposium on feminism, access to justice and taking action on violence. It will include a presentation and videos followed by break-out discussion sessions.

Featured during this symposium will be the release of a trailer video for the Youth Educating and Acting on Hypersexualization (YEAH!) project, which engages youth in developing a social action theatre performance that challenges mysoginistic culture and gender-based violence.

PEI Association for Newcomers Canada, Charlottetown, PEI

The aim of this project is to dedicate an entire day to the celebration of mothers and daughters and the education of Violence Prevention Across Generations within the Newcomer population in Charlottetown. The day would consist of a variety of activities, which all have the goal of celebrating relationships, building connections, and ultimately preventing family violence in the community. There will be an educational component in which various speakers from different sectors in the community will be invited to share information and ideas with the girls/women. After a provided luncheon, there will be a bonding activity, composed of a Yoga-Dance session, ladies afternoon tea and pampering such as hair, nails, and photography.


Council for Anglophone Magdalen Islanders, Grosse île, QC

Our project, "Women Inspiring Women" aims to promote self-esteem and feelings of significance in our female youth and community members alike.  We will carry out this action by mobilizing a group of female youth volunteers from our local high school to plan and carry out an event celebrating women and their contributions to our community.  The youth volunteers will be responsible for selecting key women who are important to our community's development, sustainability and vitality, both past and present, and interviewing them on their efforts.  They will also be responsible for planning and carrying out a brunch for women on February 14th, where they will highlight and celebrate the chosen women in a show-like fashion. As it will be Valentine's Day, all women will receive a flower, from women, in appreciation for their efforts in community life.  We hope that this event will leave women in our community, young and old, with a sense of togetherness and feelings of importance.

Action cancer du sein du Québec-Breast Cancer Action Quebec, Montréal, QC

A Valentine community event created by the young women and aimed at exposing the harms to young women from marginalized groups created by capitalism, consumerism and symbolic violence.

Taking Hold, Montréal, QC

Our action is about giving girls a chance to be creative and more importantly, to work their creativity into a finished product. Taking Hold is a prevention program for young, at-risk girls in English speaking Montreal high schools. We teach self-esteem, awareness and resources through arts-based activities. One of our groups of girls has a desire to write poetry and song writing and is working towards a song in which every girl is able to write and perform their own piece. With the help of a woman in the community, Ryan Martel, also known as Ryan PLAYGROUND, who is a JD and music producer in Montreal, we will be able to record an original song with original music produced specifically with the girls musical inspirations in mind. We will also be filming the recording session as a behind-the-scenes footage so that there will be even more memories for the girls and for the community.

Cree Nation of Wemindji Culture & Wellness Dept, Wemindji, QC

The Cree girls and young women would like to do a project about facing your fears. In order to face them we have to voice them. We have some professional photos of our girls facing some of their fears. There is a big problem with shyness here and our hope is for people to join us as we face our fears so we can achieve our goals.

Ensemble pour le respect de la diversité, Montréal, QC

This year, the Imprint committee at École Secondaire Saint Georges has taken the form of a girl's group in which committee members are working to combat bullying and discrimination in order to create a more inclusive and respectful school environment for their peers. Having observed an increase in bullying, homophobia and social exclusion within their school community, they have decided to organize a 'Diversity Carnival' in their school.

The 'Diversity Carnival' will offer activities, carnival games and workshops that will address a diverse set of issues such as: homophobic bullying, sexist micro-aggressions, cyber-bullying, cultural intolerance and racism, as well as identity and self-esteem.

Clearpoint Elementary, Pointe-Claire, QC

Girls In Motion

An afternoon of workshops promoting sisterhood and empowerment for Clearpoint girls from grades 4-6 along with their parent/guardian will promote well-being and foster positive relationships, which will in turn raise self-esteem and nurture leadership qualities.

We hope to teach girls and women the utility of media in documenting and sharing their stories and the practical skills necessary to be able to create their own forms of media (photo-voice and podcasting). We will be providing resource packages to all participants outlining the process for each of the above mechanisms.

The Learning Exchange, Laval, QC

Social Media Leaders: Making a positive difference

TLE will hold Social Media Meet-Ups to bring young women and girls together to address the issue of digital citizenship and negative social media use: how it relates to them and how to create positive change in their school and community. These events will give the girls and young women the opportunity to make connections, share ideas, express opinions and act as leaders by initiating actions and activities in the school. They will explore methods to generate a message and exchange ideas to make a positive impact with their peers and in their community; empowering them as positive role models. While working cooperatively and through active discussion, they will discover personal qualities and build upon personal/social skills such as cooperation, leadership, communication, listening, problem solving, and self-management. The month of activities will culminate in a main event, to showcase their efforts and to share their message with the rest of the school.

Overture with the Arts, Dorval, QC

To celebrate International Women’s Day we’ve created the project “Girls Unite”, which is a hands-on female led music production project that inspires youth to be agents for social change. Girls Unite will give secondary students a platform to express themselves creatively, promotes critical thinking and encourages youth activism. Students will use music to communicate their thoughts and create music that empowers youth. The goal of “Girls Unite” is to start a social movement.

Students will take part in five separate 2-hour song writing workshops between January and February and create an original song, or better yet, an anthem. The creation aspect of the project will occur before February 27. However, the final song will only be released to the public on Friday, March 6, to celebrate International Women’s Day (Sunday, March 8, 2015).

Centre Solidarité Jeunesse, Québec, QC

We’re organizing an event with girls on leadership. We will call this event 'A day with girl leaders'.

During this day, the girls in the ages of 12 to 15 years, from different schools in Downtown Québec City,  will be encouraged to think about their empowerment as girls in their community. Moreover, they will take action around a cause (women’s rights) and create for a women’s centre of their neighborhood beauty products for the women that use the centre. Based on the cause they choose, the girls will be sensitized to violence against women and will learn some self-defence techniques.

YWCA – Girls’ Club, Québec, QC

This action will consist of two parts.

First, a meeting between some girls and young women of the Quebec Region who distinguished themselves with their leadership will be planned. This meeting will encourage exchange and will allow the participants to partake in the planning and facilitation of the even “Place aux filles” that will take place this coming April. As of January, through the YWCA networks, girls and young women who distinguished themselves in their community will be recruited.

Then, a project of artistic ‘’in situ’’ embellishment, which consists of integrating art in the everyday lives of the people who come to the YWCA Quebec, is planned. The girls who take part in the fine arts course wish to embellish a space that has been unused and that is situated close to the stairs, visible to every passer-by. They will let their imagination flow and create a collective work of art that will probably be appreciated by the whole community of the YWCA.

Centre d'aide aux familles latino-américaines (CAFLA), Montréal, QC

CAFLA is organizing a day of intergenerational sharing on the prevention of violence against Latin-American women. The best way of learning is through sharing knowledge and experiences. A discussion group about diverse themes linked to abuse (physical, psychological, etc.), in which three generations of women of the Latin-American community will be facilitated.

Six to eight women mentors, with diverse and inspiring life journeys, will be present with the girls throughout the day. They will speak to them about their life choices, their place as leaders of their community, with the goal of inspiring them but also to reassure them and give them advice about their own choices and future, based on each of their profiles. This day will be a first contact and will create links between the mentors and the girls, who will be able to, if they wish, stay in touch with one or more mentors who will follow their evolution.

The young participants will leave this day of training with greater motivation, self-confidence and assurance in their choices but also with the baggage necessary to, in turn, transfer what they have learned to other young girls in their community and become themselves mentors later on.

ORA, Montréal, QC

Title of the action: Face-to-face with exceptional women

The activity has two components:

  1. Offer the opportunity for young women between 18 and 25 years old, coming from African immigration, to meet, exchange and get inspired by women leaders who went through a similar path of landing in a new country with a culture, reality and opportunities that are different and who learned to carve themselves a place in Quebec society and successfully pursue their passions. This meeting will be happen in the setting of a presentation/discussion with leaders about their journey, the challenges they faced and advice on overcoming them, with a question period, followed by a networking cocktail. The young women and the leaders will be encouraged to develop mentorship relations.
  2. The young women will also participate in a discussion around coffee, to exchange about issues related to integrating the Quebec society and strategies that they use to take a place, get involved, and become leaders in the community. The discussion will also raise awareness about civic engagement, which is often a real challenge for young women who don’t feel concerned or who believe that they don’t have the power to change things in this new country that can seem at times foreign. This discussion will be recorded and edited as a web television episode that will be published on the YouTube channel of the group and will be used to stimulate reflection with other young women who weren’t present during this day.

First Nations workers will be invited, in order to allow the newcomer young women to have a contact with the peoples that are welcoming them on their territory and to gain knowledge on the history and the culture of these other young women who are not always present in their network or in the media.

Barclay Elementary School Girls’ Club’, Montreal, QC

The girls of Girls’ Club will participate in a photo project that will celebrate women who marked our history but also their community, in the past or in the present. Together, they will recreate portraits of these women or historical scenes that they will then expose in a public space of their neighborhood, so that the whole community can see their work.

Lucien-Pagé High School Girls’ Club, Montréal, QC

The girls from the Girls’ Club will design a video campaign to raise awareness about different forms of violence. This will allow them to promote their message to their peers in their school and in their community about what is not love in an interpersonal relationship. They will demystify different forms of violence.

Riverview Elementary Girls’ Media Club, Montréal, QC

The girls of the Girls’ Media Club in Verdun will participate in a video project under the theme of love acts and kindness in our community. The girls will each choose an act of kindness towards their community, for instance give a free hug, or offer a flower to a stranger, etc., that they will do in front of a camera. The compilation of these scenes will give an interesting result that will make them reflect on the importance or the difficulty of doing acts of love and kindness for free around us.

Riverdale Community Learning Centre, Pierrefonds, QC

The girls will participate in 'Prima Dance' workshops for girls at our high school. The dance workshops address issues of hyper-sexualization, intimidation, self-affirmation, and homophobia. Through dance the girls explore their self-image and images of girls and women in media. They learn about healthy behaviours, particularly with regards to sexuality and relationships.


Centre de ressources communautaires Orléans-Cumberland, Orléans, ON

We are organizing a “Flash mob” in order to promote the prevention of assaults committed against girls as well as to promote girls’ right to be safe, strong and free.

Lady Ballers Camp, Toronto, ON

Breaking the Silence talk show is a project, which will involve inviting the girls/young women participants of Lady Ballers Camp to partake in a group discussion that will take the format of a talk show.  Taking on the role of a “talk show host”, a graduate participant of Lady Ballers Camp’s Emerging Leaders initiative will create a safe space for other participants, the “audience”, to encourage them to lead the discussion around issues related to violence against girls and young women.  We intend to engage boys/young men by inviting them to the “talk show” as audience/participants. The goal is to make the groups as interactive as possible and generate as much open dialogue when critiquing public discourse and challenging societal norms surrounding this topic. The “host’s” role is to open up the floor with thought provoking questions, moderate the discussion, as well as encourage posing questions to one another.  Current topics circulating in social media, traditional news sources or happenings within their own personal spheres and local communities, will be shared so as to engage the “audience”. Ideally opportunities will open up to share viewpoints, connect on shared lived experiences and learn from each other.

Cultivating Herstory, Toronto, ON

Through the help of Girls Action Foundation, we propose having a reunion of Cultivating Herstory program participants. It will consist of a pop up cultivating herstory session, for young women who do not wish to engage in traditional Valentine’s Day activities. The action will bring together 10-15 young women, many of whom have already participated in this project in the past. The session will consist of ice breakers, check-in, catch ups, picking meals and buying groceries and cooking together as a group after which the young women will engage in discussions about practical training in popular education praxis, financial literacy as well as with new knowledge on topics related to food, culture, community, health, race, and food access. This will be done through interactive workshops (i.e. cooking/gardening) and arts informed sessions (collages, asset map-ping etc.) and discussions based on lived experiences. We also hope to do some Zumba together with the ladies to encourage active lifestyles.

We would also like to propose launching the programs feature in ""Shameless Magazine"" on this day.

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre, Ottawa, ON

Beautifully Me 2015 will be the second instalment of the National Day Of Action in the Ottawa Community. As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, the concept of love is often regarded as a feeling between two beings and this is naturally reinforced by society. Beautifully Me hopes to challenge this notion by creating a space where young women can learn to love themselves. It is with this sentiment that we tackle societal issues that are important to youth.

This year’s theme will focus on motivating young women to harness their power and skills to tackle their own unemployment and/or underemployment. The unique aspect of Beautifully Me is that it focuses on the self and how these complex issues may be navigated and resolved through awareness, education and empowerment. Thus, we hope to create a community of young leaders who will be better able to confidently and shamelessly utilize their skills and engage in self- promotion.

Windsor women working with immigrant women, Windsor, ON

The girls, as well as some boys from our program, are planning to create a dance/music conceptual style video project to raise awareness of the many issues that are currently affecting our girls at home and throughout our world.  Through our action and through the arts, we want to teach our community and shed light on the realities of violence against women, and how they can affect ANY woman. 

Our video will show the many stages any many different women's perspectives through the art of music and dance --- the warnings signs, the red flags, the behaviour, the hurt, the wish to leave, the departure, the return, etc... Aside from our video, we are also planning to have a workshop with some educational activities regarding healthy relationships and domestic violence/other forms of violence, as well as ways that it can be prevented.  This workshop will be led by Natalie Browning-Morgan, and the youth involved with this project. We want to impact our community and think of ways we can prevent violence against women altogether.  We will also be writing our love letters this year, and we are also planning a photo-shoot with the senior community to help show a generation of female strength.

Planned Parenthood Ottawa (Insight Theater), Ottawa, ON

For the 2015 National Day of Action, the young women of Insight Theatre (an Ottawa-based, by-youth, for-youth theatre troupe) are going to revive the Feminist History Walking Tour (see “History of the Feminist History Walking Tour” below). We will be adding four new stops on the tour. The additional four topics will be selected and researched by the young women of Insight. This tour will uncover little-known and under-celebrated women of action who have worked for important causes to expand the rights and freedoms of girls and women in Canada. The stories will reflect the cultures, sexual orientations and gender identities of the girls involved in this year’s tour and will not be limited to celebrating the history of white, cis, heterosexual women.

We will launch the walking tour on Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 2pm. The tour will be free, and we will be partnering with a downtown community agency to provide hot chocolate and a place to warm up afterward. Note that the walking tour will be inclusive of transfeminine participants and accessible for people with limited mobility, like myself. Our route will be accessible for people using wheelchairs and scooters, and we will have a volunteer driver to transport people from stop to stop if they are unable to walk long distances.

History of the Feminist History Walking Tour

On February 14, 2013, the young women of Insight Theatre researched and created a Feminist History Walking Tour designed to celebrate the amazing feminist action that had taken place right here in Ottawa over the past 100 years. The idea was to spread the word about the game-changing activism that Ottawa-based feminists have done over the years to improve our sexual, gender and reproductive rights both locally and nationally.

The young women chose the topics that most interested them, researched the history of said topics and worked with Insight's Coordinator, Luna Allison, to create and rehearse a compelling write-up for each topic we covered on the tour: (1) the trial of Dorothea Palmer and her role in the decriminalization of contraception in Canada; (2) The history of the fight for trans women's rights in Canada; (3) The history of abortion access in Ottawa; (4) The actions of Jean Augustine in establishing a nationally observed Black History Month in Canada.

We're proud to say that we received a 2013 Femmy Award for this project. The Femmy Awards are intended to honour feminists located in the National Capital Region who have made outstanding contributions to the struggle for women’s equality. We were nominated for the award by Liz Bernstein, the Executive Director of the Nobel Women's Initiative, who attended the tour and was astounded by how much she learned from the youth.

Joy, Toronto, ON

For the 2015 National Day of Action, this project will create a space where girls are seen, heard and celebrated by providing joyful playshops for young girls that radiate love, art and authenticity. Through participatory arts: theatre, mixed media collages, dance, card making, we aim to nurture creative expression, heartful relationships and inspire healing of the mind, body, spirit.

Emanuella, Toronto, ON

My action is a form of resistance as well as a project building a sense of safety within women of a minority, as well as women who are leaders in their community. We will be celebrating their existence and efforts in making a change for their families and community at large.

Last year I filmed a documentary titled: African Voices of the Diaspora which will be a feature to this year’s project. The documentary focused on the lives of African women in Canada and their experiences, there was also a portion which was strictly focusing on women of South Sudanese descent and learned of their personal perspective to issues in their community as well as the war that began on Dec 15th, 2013 in South Sudan. I will continue this filming by extending and making it a two year project.

This year I will be gathering women of South Sudanese background, preferably young women and their mothers or the women who are a mother figure in their lives; they will be part take in a photo shoot titled: Generation of Leaders. This photo shoot will not only be photography, but will also feature the Sudanese women discussing their experiences as mothers and daughters and their view on forms of resistance. The filming as well as the photos will be added to the documentary that was filmed last year. The photos as well as written reports of the individual interviews will be featured in a magazine I will be creating titled: African Voices of the Diaspora: South Sudan. This magazine will be circulated amongst the South Sudanese community in Canada and will be a form of encouragement and reflection. This series will focus on the generational leadership of South Sudanese women in respect to resisting violence, their existence in the Canadian diaspora and their leadership in Canada for coming generations.

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration, London, ON

We are planning to host a half-day multi-media workshop for self-identified immigrant and Muslim girls and women aged 15-30. The name of the workshop will be “Muslimahs Making Media”. The focus of this workshop will be two-fold: the prevention of gender-based violence as well as girls and women as community leaders. 

We hope to explore these two topics through different media outlets: photo-voice and podcasting. Our vision is to start the workshop around the exploration of young immigrant and Muslim girls as community leaders. Using photo-voice, we want the girls to reconceptualize and understand themselves as resilient and capable leaders within their neighborhoods and families. The second portion of the workshop will be dedicated to the issue of gender-based violence and its prevention. As leaders, these immigrant and Muslim female youth will now start conversations about these topics using podcasting as a medium. We will be aligning the conversation topics to a community campaign created and initiated by the Reclaim Honour team called “Promote Honour Prevent Violence”. This campaign aims to address and raise awareness on issues of gender-based violence within London’s Muslim communities. Within this community campaign, we identify four important themes to explore in our work of violence prevention:

Why it is important to promote honour & prevent violence?

How is Islam a tool of violence prevention?

How can empathy and compassion create safer and healthier families and community?

What can we collectively do, as a community, to address issues of gender-based violence?

We hope to divide the participants into four groups as they will lay out and steer the conversation on each of these four themes. They will have an opportunity to set the agenda, ask questions, provide lived experiences and offer tips and solutions on how we can create safer families and communities. We decided to align the podcast conversations with the themes of the campaign as it builds onto already established work. Additionally, the Promote Honour Prevent Violence campaign has received recognition within the London community. Therefore, it would be truly beneficial to augment the voices and perspectives of young immigrant and Muslim women within the campaign. These podcasts will be featured on the Reclaim Honour website and will be shared through our social media platforms. We are in the process of connecting with local radio stations to discuss airing the podcasts for the wider community.

We plan to work in collaboration with a local non-profit called UN-London. The purpose of UN-London is to make positive change in and around our region from outside the normal confines of change making, using unconventional methods and digital tools. UN-London will play a role in teaching the facilitators and participants the importance of podcasting and how to create and use podcasts.

Thorncliffe Neighborhood Office, Toronto, ON

We will work to bring girls and women into one space to enable them to learn from one another and to facilitate inter-generational learning. The activities will be for girls and women in the community, including newcomers and immigrant girls and women.

The activities will be self-defense class, empowerment related and human library to have the women and girls get to know each other and their stories. On the day of Action, the girls and women will write a letter to their Member of Parliament.


Golden Women’s Resource Center, Golden, BC

The Girlz Group Program from Golden, BC, participated by girls in grades 5-7 will be showcasing a play developed by them with support from high school girls and the Golden Women's Resource Centre and Community Coordination for Safety in Relationships Team.

The play will address the issues of violence and bullying in our community by teaching ways for friends, family and community members to stay safe, particularly when walking at night and raising awareness of the effects of bullying and violence on youth and families.

Girls will celebrate women's history in Canada by learning about women's rights and acting as leaders in our community by raising their voices about issues that are important to them. Newcomer and immigrant girls will be engaged in this initiative by learning about violence prevention and services available in our community.

Hornby & Denman Health Care Society, Hornby Island, BC

With this grant we have chosen to purchase screen printing equipment and hold a series of workshops where the youth will learn new skills, plus explore women in Canada who they find inspiring and why.  We want the girls to identify who they find inspiring and what it is that the women have done (or do) that piques the girls’ interests. How can they incorporate some of these things in their own lives?  After we have completed the workshops, we have been offered a month long art show at one of the local galleries.  This will give the community a chance to see what the girls have done, plus give the girls a sense of pride in the feedback they will receive.

Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia, New Westminster, BC

A consciousness-raising action group around violence against women and girls for racialized, marginalized immigrant or refugee young women is being organized.

Through engaging in dialogue about decolonization, racism, and gender violence, 10 young women will explore, plan and initiate a visual art project that culminates in the active participation of the February 14 Memorial March in Vancouver downtown eastside. They will show their solidarity with the missing and murdered aboriginal women by attending the action with their art pieces.

Réseau-Femmes Colombie-Britannique, Vancouver, BC

This action consists of organizing a day of Mentoraction about self-knowledge. This day will offer training and support to young girls in a decisive moment of their life, and will give them the keys to be themselves leaders and mentors in their community. Many workshops will be offered throughout the day, with aim of building their self-confidence, their skills and their ambitions.

  1. Workshop on self-awareness

This first workshop of the day, that will take the shape of multiple small exercises, will allow participants to recognize their strengths and qualities, and to better define and be aware of their own identity and aptitudes. This workshop will be facilitated by Claire Samii, an alumna of the Girls Action Amplify training of 2014. She will offer the tools necessary for the participants to be able to transmit these practical exercises to other young girls in their community.

  1. Workshop on self-confidence and self-esteem

Facilitated by Christine Butler, life coach, this workshop will help them better understand what self-esteem is, on the one hand, and on the other hand what self-confidence is, two essential elements to young girls’ empowerment, she will guide them in their path and prepare them to be young women leaders and be confident. This workshop will help them with simple gestures and reflections to reinforce their self-confidence, and prepare the next workshop on taking a stand and speaking in public.

  1. Workshop on taking a stand and speaking publicly

This workshop will be facilitated by Emilie Leclerc, actor and drama professor. It will focus on the discovery and appropriation of dramatic arts techniques aimed at the bodily presence and vocal authenticity of each, as well as on the practical implementation of these new assets through simulation exercises and theater games.

Northwest Territories

Town of Hay river, Hay River, NT

The PHAB Girls program will be celebrating the history of Women in Hay River. The girls will interview and/or photograph elder women in the community. These interviews and photographs will then be showcased at an event for the Day of Action.


Les EssentiElles, Whitehorse, YT

This action consists of producing a play on the theme of healthy relationships, with students of a class of 7th and 8th grade. It will offer a workshop to the class on healthy relationships, in order for the youth to understand the subject and adapt it to different scenes of the play. Young girls of 10th/11th/12th grade will then intervene with their younger schoolmates as mentors of this play, and a young woman who has a lot of experience in theater production will come finalize the project on February 14th (workshop on theater and self-confidence on scene). All of this will be presented to the public during a fundraising dinner, toward the end of February. The actions will therefore consist of workshops on healthy relationships, on self-confidence in public, and theater production.

Victoria Faulkner Women’s Centre, Whitehorse, YT

On February 13th the Victoria Faulkner Women's Centre and the Heart of Riverdale will be hosting a 24 hour ZINE making extravaganza! We hope to have 30 girls gather at the Heart of Riverdale for an overnight lock-in to create a ZINE. The ZINE will be address female empowerment, identity, leadership, and other issues facing Northern girls. During the 24 hour action, we will present workshops to the girls in the areas of dance, art, writing and First Nations storytelling - workshops will be led by youth and professional women from the community in order to harvest intergenerational relationships and learning opportunities for everyone involved. The 24 hour lock in will conclude on the morning of February 14 with a big, healthy, group breakfast and the assembling of the finished product! Once the ZINE is assembled our team will also work to distribute it to other local organizations and remote communities in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

The Heart of Riverdale Community Centre, Whitehorse, YT

Our action is a 24 hr. ZINE making event. On February 13th, 30 girls between the ages of 12-18 will report to the Heart of Riverdale Community Centre for a “lock In” style  ZINE making extravaganza.  On February 14th a ZINE will be in its final developmental stages. At 11 am the final touches will be put on the ZINE and it will be turned in for publication after only 24 hours in the making. Throughout the time at the Heart girls will have a chance to participate in groups facilitated by Kaylee Lishner, Anna Falcioni, and Shelby Maunder. These workshops will include icebreakers, brainstorming sessions, and inspirational / motivational storytelling and discussions. Girls between the ages of 16-18 will be provided the support and recourses to lead special interest workshops. During our 24 hours together girls will eat, create and inspire one another. The ZINE made will feature themes of female empowerment, identity, northern female issues, and leadership. This ZINE will share the voice of strong, empowered Yukon girls.